Desert Stories

by Stina Rosenqvist & Hanna Jenshagen

In 2014, we made a trip to the desert of Jordan. In a part of the desert called Wadi Rum we met with beduins, camels and a landscape similar to the surface of mars. The colors were shifting in different kinds of red and the sun delivered heat, making the sand burning hot. All photos are taken with mobile.


Camels lying down in the desert Wadi Rum
Camel standing with cliffs in the background
Mountain goat standing on cliff in Petra Jordan
Beduin with camels in Wadi Rum in Jordan
Desert landscape io Wadi Rum in the sunset
Sunset over the desert of Wadi Rum Jordan
Sun shining in the desert over resting camels
Sunset over the desert in Jordan
Donkey in Petra Jordan

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