Bottom of the sea

by Stina Rosenqvist

Criel sur Mer – A sleepy village situated on the west cost of France. Although the ocean were far away from sleeping. Everyday, the tide water would find its way back to the shore making the water level increase 10 m in only 5 hours. When the sea was away, I took the opportunity to capture what was left behind. All photos were taken with my Canon EOS 5d mark ii, 50 mm f.1.4.


Gigant cliff in Criel sur Mer
Tide returning in Criel sur Mer
Sun shining in the shore at Criel sur Mer
Sunshine on rocks at Criel sur Mer
Powerful cliff and dark blue sky in Criel sur Mer
Sunset over the ocean in Criel sur Mer
Bottom at the sea in Criel sur Mer
Dark blue sky over the atlantic sea

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